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Garuda God
<Garuda God> is all about heartbeat! Wealth and wealth can be found in danger, it all depends on your hands! Seize the right opportunity to get high multiplier rewards!
BONUS GAME takes you to get a tremendous amount of treasure. Get gems and a FREE GAME to earn countless scores! Start your journey and become the lucky person that discovers Cleopatra’s treasure!
Treasury Piglet
<Treasury Piglet> is a first-line game. The simplest gameplay can get bonuses up to 888 times!
Mystery Gem
Explore the mystery of the pyramid, the 3X3 wheel loads the fourth round of multipliers, and the bonus for successful connections is multiplied by the multiplier. Free games have extra multiplier wheels and bonus multipliers. Up to 200 free games and up to 1800 multipliers are waiting for you! Dig ancient gems and bravely pursue your wealth!
Monopoly Slot Super Bomb
<Monopoly Slot Super Bomb> is exclusive to the entire network and has the latest gameplay, three bonus games, one free game, classic Monopoly map gameplay, and endless map upgrade bonuses! The bonus of game bonus is up to 1000 times. Get the dice and easily win big prizes. What are you waiting for? Come and play!
Dragon Ball
<Dragon Ball> is a slot machine that uses full-version multipliers and elimination of drops. After collecting seven dragon balls in the free game, you can summon the dragon. There is no upper limit for the multiplier symbols. The maximum prize in the game is 60,000 times. Let's win huge sums together.
One Piece
<One Piece> is a slot machine that increases the multiplier as it is eliminated. The golden symbols are converted into wild symbols after being eliminated, making it easier to eliminate continuously. The maximum multiplier of the free game is increased to 10 times, allowing you to win it every time! Come and join Luffy on his adventure!
Big Bass Bonanza
Big Bass Bonanza is the most famous 10 line slot game in southeast asia. During FREE GAME, when player gets Big Bass Bonanza, can extra receive huge bonus. Do not miss the Big Bass Bonanza which will appear randomly! Follow with the fisher to fish lucky Big Bass Bonanza.
"LuBu" is a slot machine with the theme of the Three Kingdoms style of ancient Chinese history. It is played with full-page multipliers and elimination of drops. Payouts can be made anywhere on the page. The maximum multiplier symbol is 500 times, and the maximum prize of the game is 5,000 times. If you win the 5,000 times grand prize, come and challenge LuBu.
Mahjong 2
"Mahjong 2" with features wild symbol transformations and multipliers that increase with eliminations. When you get 3 scatters in the game, you can enter the free game, and the maximum multiplier will increase to 10 times, allowing you to win endlessly! Come and experience the endless charm brought by Chinese Mahjong!
Thor 2
"Thor 2" has the highest multiplier of 5,000 times. It is played with full-page multipliers and elimination of drops, and special games can be purchased directly. Thor will take you to the road to wealth!
Oh Yi Oh~Yi Ho! "Tarzan" the prince of the forest is coming! Tarzan is a 25-lines slot game. As Tarzan swings over, the whole round of WILD also swings over. Jackpot is waiting for you over there, come and experience the thrill of being the Prince of the Forest "Tarzan" !
Super Niubi Deluxe
Inheriting the spirit of Niubi, Continuing the soul of Niubi!
Flaming Chillies
The WILD symbol will appear after the flame SYMBOL is eliminated! After the flame symbol disappears, the points will be multiplied by additional multiples. The more eliminations, the more multiples!
Buffalo King MEGAWAYS
Look! The King of the great plains is back! Megaways up to 32400 ways. Buffalo king takes the lead to gather all desert animals and fight back. Everyone worked together to get a high prize in the free game.
100 Teen Patti
The India traditional table game "TeenPatti" is coming. The game is for multi-players to bet together. Let's have fun together!
Crazy Rich Man
Saving money will not make you rich! Make a fortune at this moment. Crazy Rich Man lets you become an overnight millionaire!
Winning Mask Deluxe
Symbols of Winning Mask Deluxe fully upgraded! Every second is a tense and exciting moment of winning a big prize. It has become the most distinctive game in the minds of players. You must play it!
Fortune Dice
Easy and cute dice game! The gameplay is super simple, you can bet on the Banker, Player, or Tie. The Banker and Player roll 3 dice to compare the sum of the points or the special card type. Multi-players play together to compete for the biggest winner!
Multi Mega Bingo Bonanza
The ultra-classic bingo game Multi Mega has launched a new game~20 bingo cards at a time, the Paylines keep appearing, and the gold coins are always earned! Don't forget the magic ball that let you can choose any ball you want, let you BINGO! BINGO! BINGO!
The BONUS GAME in Heart of Demon allows you to hold all the bonuses! If you encounter the yellow heart, you will get endless points!!! The FREE GAME in the heart of Cold puts all the winnings you see in your pocket! No matter what kind of unique game, you going to return with a full load~!
Super cute panda with classic HOLD AND WIN gameplay, a special game with 15 rounds of crazy rolling. Bonuses up to 1000x!
Football Gold HOLD AND WIN
Gooooooal!!! Classic HOLD AND WIN gameplay, special game with 15 rounds of crazy rolling, bonuses up to 1000 times for you to take home!
Legend of Neptune
Aquaman is coming, volley bombing! Let's hunt the Aquaman together! Don't underestimate the baby fish, their multiple is very high. Play Legend of Neptune, and take prizes till you drop.
Mahjong King
Mahjong King is a chinese style 1024 line slot game. The classic element of Mahjong will let you get a huge fortune. When gold Mahjong has been eliminated, it would be more eaiser to connect WILD SYMBOL. During FREE GAME, the connecting line can be doubled and doubled! Let's get rich together!
Rich Fishing
Classic catching fish game. Dragon King is going to bring over x300 bonus. Please select it cautiously when you get lucky bag! It will bring over x1000 bonus! There are different kind of fishes and mysterious mermaids. They will play the Rich Fishing with you.
Moon Festival Party
The cutest moon festival party is coming! Players win the prize as long as the same SYMBOL connects into one line! Entering 5 times FREE GAME, the reel will become 3*3. Getting the prize is way more easier!
Future Stars
Welcome to the crazy night of Future Stars. You can experience 3 different styles of music and a feast for your eyes by changing the bet amount! Future Stars is a 5-reel, 50-line electronic-style slot game. There are a variety of playing methods waiting for you to explore!
Dragon Tiger
Easy to play Dragon Tiger. Select Dragon, Tiger or Tie you want to bet. To become the biggest winner in Dragon Tiger and the winner must be you !
Mouse Gets Fortune
Mouse Gets Fortune is an authentic Vietnamese game. There are multiple betting areas letting you predict which box the mouse will get into. If you chose the right box, you can get random multiple bonuses! Come and experience the localized Southeast Asian game.
"Thor is a 40-line slot game. A full round of WILD is awarded random doubles. In Bonus Game, you not only have the chance to get free games but also get up to 50x bonus by collecting the gems!"
Football Battle
3 directions shot VS 3 directions defend. Which one is the way to get rich ? Player can experience feeling of thrill between offensive and defensive !
Bingo Football
Four bingo draws together, 4 times the chance to beat a level and connecting. Featured balls can buy balls for free and force connection/through.
Fortune Bull
Line 10 slot is a Chinese Cow Year style. When it appears 1 BONUS SYMBOL each time in FREE GAME, will increase 2 times freespin up to 99 times ! When it appears full reel wild symbol, can accumulate double up to 20 times. Follow RiCH88 to get luck and win money !
Pirate Treasure
Under the surveillance of the pirate captain, is there any chance to steal the treasure!? In Pirate Treasure, the WILD can be expanded to 3*3 and connected all over the reels. The WILD of FREE GAME will be locked on the reel until the end of the game. That non-stop bonus is too tempting!!
Color Dish 2
Vietnam local traditional game. 4 double color red and white buttons guess combination of color scheme and single or double. That is how the game play, simple to win money !
Big and Small 2
Vietnam super popular and easy to play Big and Small. Within 30 seconds a quick round. Players only need to select to bet Big or bet Small. This is how easy to get rich !
Color Dish
Vietnam local traditional game. 4 double color red and white buttons guess combination of color scheme and single or double. That is how the game play, simple to win money !
Lucky God of Wealth
Lucky God of Wealth is a 5 line slot game. The biggest feature is that when you enter Free Spin, all symbols will be transformed and multiplied!You can get up to 4500 times bonus. Get ready to win a BIG prize.
The most familiar Bingo machine game. Players can raise to buy balls after it drawing. Bingo machine game is super easy and can bet 4 rounds in the same time.
Color Game
Select the color you want to bet. When 3 dices 6 colors show and hit the jackpot, can get corresponding bonus. When the amount of color you select is bigger than 500 and 3 dices all show the same color, player has opportunity to win the high bonus reward ! The winner is you !
Double Slot
Line 5 classic Slot has a most obvious feature that when it appears wild symbol, reel can be locked and re-spin other reel for free until it does not appear wild symbol. It also has multiple wild symbol set. It is not only intense but exciting and keep winning and winning. Embrace the fortune and say bye to part-time job.
88 Fortunes
Line 243 is a Chinese festival style slot. It only appears high multiple odd symbol except Freespin. During the game, wild symbol has opportunity to accumulate treasure bowl and trigger JACKPOT GAME. Let get you luck with casino classic slot !
Wild Fire Ranger
5 rounds 40 line Punk Metal style slot. Along with symbol number of SCATTER appears, times of Freespin and winning score are also increase. Punk, Metal and Motorcycle will guide you to win super prize !
Ring of Odin
Ring of Odin is a 10-lines slot game. The mythical Odin, who has a ring with boundless mana, can show his divine power in the game to give players more and greater opportunities to connect, and the objects in the ring cover will be extended and re-rotated. The multiple for winning is thousand times!
Serial Boat
Travel through time to the Battle of Red Cliffs in ancient China! Serial Boat is a 50-lines slot game. In the free game, the WILD icon locks onto the wheel and keeps attacking to the right until you win and then get rich rewards.
Lightning Fish
Lightning Fish is a 3x6, 20 line slot game. If the symbols line up, the Extreme Reel will be triggered to spin to get a multiplier or bonus. The maximum bonus is 10800 times. Enter to win a prize!
Sa-Wat-Dee Ka/Krap! Nakee is a 243-lines slot game. In the game, you can see Nakee spitting out the Dragon Balls to get WILD. It takes the connection score of random objects by x5 times when you receive the blessing of the Nakee boosting your financial fortune! In the Bonus Game, you can choose the lucky Nakee snake to get huge prizes!
Crazy Songkran
Line 1024 feature Slot game has created new game, a theme of Thai traditional festival, called Crazy Songkran. It is a symbol of removing bad luck in the past and wish for good luck in future. Events can be triggered during the game which can let character icon become wild symbol. It can be triggered to increase extra rounds of SPIN in BONUS GAME. Accumulated icon switches to wild symbol, it is a design that has high opportunity to win high bonus !
Thai Sic Bo
RiCH88 has inspected the features and tricks of Thai Sic Bo. Will present you 100% original game experience. Guarantee you will be happy with it and could not stop playing !
New Year Money Rolling
Money! Money! Money! One of the most popular slot machines "Money Rolling" has launched a new year mode. So you can have a fun experience anywhere, let's make more money with money!
Crushing Pot
Local veitnamese tradional game. Choose the pot after you bet. Break the pots as much as you can to win the prize. Let the blindfold girl decide your destiny.
Circle Throwing
The common circle throwing game in the market, three circle are thrown together at a time, and the bonus is determined according to the accumulated points of the pillars, and there is no bonus if the score is less than 5 points.
Thai Sic Bo 2
RiCH88 has inspected the features and tricks of Thai Sic Bo. Will present you 100% original game experience. Guarantee you will be happy with it and could not stop playing !
Dragon Boat Festival
Line 243 the dragon boat festival style slot. During the Free Game, it can not only increase opportunity of connected machine through dragon head SYMBOL but also win high bonus if dragon boat wins successfully. Enjoy the exciting game!
Lucky Fortune
Line 20 chinese new year style slot. Because of new year with new luck, wins high bonus and Free Game by playing Bonus game.
SuperAce is coming!
Red and Black
Play the Poker game with others players. Red side and black side whose card type is bigger than the other one who can win everything. Who will be the final winner?
Experience with more than hundred players that bet Baccarat in the same time in RiCH88. Baccarat has a quick start, fair and justice in RiCH88. You were born as a lucky winner.
100 PokDeng
Players can bet 4 combination of player cards freely. Try to win Banker together and the winner is you !
Ladder Climbing
Ladder Climbing is a game we must play during our childhood. Betting options are various and not complicated. Quick start quick game. It a memory of childhood game. Select it easily and win the jackpot.
Monkey Climb Tree
Select combination of 6 monkeys which can climb on tree fastest. Quick start and high odd. You are the one who can select the right path for the win and bring yourself bunch of money.
Single PokDeng has a quick start and easy to win. You do not have to wait for level 8 or 9, directly go to last level to win the jackpot.
Cockfighting 2
South east asia local popular Cockfighting is registered on RiCH88 Arcade. Various combination of bets, let Cockfightings bring you luck for whole year !
Multi Mega - Classic
The ultra-classic bingo game - Multi Mega is here! 20 bingo cards at a time, the Paylines keep appearing, and the gold coins are always earned! Don't forget the magic ball that let you can choose any ball you want, let you BINGO! BINGO! BINGO!
Fortune Gems
Fortune Gems is coming!
South east asia local popular Cockfighting is registered on RiCH88 Arcade. Various combination of bets, let Cockfightings bring you luck for whole year !
FAN TAN is a local traditional game that based on 4 pieces as one unit to calculate rest of point. There are 26 choices to bet. Clean your mind then bet on the right way to win high bonus !
Fish Shrimp Crab
Classic and funny Fish Shrimp Crap is in RiCH88. 6 kind of icons and various bet combination. Easy to bet and luck will not stop !
Three Dice
Classic Three Dice with innovative tricks and it is super easy to play. Player can bet Banker win, Player win or Tie. Banker and Player each roll 3 dices, will do a comparison. According to sum of mantissa or special card type, the winner will be the player who roll high point.
Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors ! Bet points, do rock paper scissors and result comes out. 3 simple steps, it is funny and exciting. There is a reel that can double your bonus up to 20 times after every round’s victory. This is how the fortune comes.
Single Black Jack
RiCH88 is going to remind you the classic Black Jack board game and will keep you winning bonus !
Super hit Megaways gameplay is here! Up to 32400 ways. Exploring the treasure in the GOLDEN EMPIRE together!
Snail Racing
3 Snails will have a race. Players can select to bet first place, first second place or first second third place. The bonus odds will not be the same. Select a best combination of rank to win high bonus !
Forest Dance
Quick start only needs 15 secs. Variety of bet combination and funny. Select your lucky color and animal. Follow the reel spin and spin and spin. You will have luck to get rich !
Big and Small
Vietnam super popular and easy to play Big and Small. Within 30 seconds a quick round. Players only need to select to bet Big or bet Small. This is how easy to get rich !
King Kong
Take classic movie King Kong as a theme and add full wild symbol on reel 2, 3 and 4. It is a 50 line Slot that has high multiple odds design.
Dragon Legend
The dragon is regarded as the master at the last level. It creates a high degree of difficulty. If the challenger defeats the dragon, they will get high odds and the lottery bonus which can bring endless wealth! Are you ready to face the challenge?
Sichuan Opera Facial Makeup
Line 50 Slot game combines the theme of China traditional Sichuan Opera Facial Makeup. It has opportunity to trigger “Change Face” and all Facial Makeup SYMBOL will become the same then win the high bonus. BONUS GAME has opportunity to take a reel to win 50 times high bonus ! “Sheng”,“Dan”,“Jing”,“Mo”and“Chou”will bring you a lot of fortune !
Rave Jump
Follow the tempo ! 234 line the most hyper Electronic Music tempo Slot ! Enter Freespin, Each spin has multiple and opportunity to increase times of spin up to 100 times when enter Freespin. Maximum 72 multiple bonus! Follow the tempo and money comes to you !
Ancient Giant Elephant
Ancient Giant Elephant is a 5 line Slot. When enter freespin, all icon will change and multiply that is the most obvious feature of the game. Maximum of the bonus is up to 4500 multiple.
Fast Snail Racing
Less than 30 secs for a round, select your best snails combination in short time. Version of Fast Snail Racing will bring you fortune.
Book of Dead
Book of Dead is a 10 lines Slot Game. It still exists a Book of Dead in ancient egypt. There's a saying that if someone who gets Book of Dead can have chance to become a rich person immediately. During FREE GAME, the items which have been selected by Book of Dead will bring huge fortunes for their master.
Thai Food Show
Line 40 slot is a theme of Thai delicacy that can maximum win thousand multiple bonus. When it appears MYSTERY in Freespin, all symbols will switch to high multiple odds symbol or even wild symbol ! Have a taste of Thai delicacy and win the prize !
Fortune Dragon
Fortune Dragon is a 25 line slot game. It is easy to get a jackpot bonus. Let Fortune Dragon brings you great fortune and great favor!
The Journey to The West
Line 25 slot is a classic theme of The Journey to The West. When it appears spirit rock in Freegame, it will be locked and each spin switch to the same symbol until end of freespin. Let the Monkey King guide you to win the big prize !
Lucky Bats
Line 243 slot is a classic Chinese style. It only appears high bonus SYMBOL in Freespin. Bring you a lot of luck and win the high bonus.
Line 1 slot is a classic 777 slot. Players can not only win the high bonus when they hit the 777 but can trigger extra 7 times Freespin, up to 777 rounds. Classic slot game makes you rich !
GEM Planet
3 levels have been designed and can get high multiple odd Freespin diamond icon when it appears. Popular diamond elimination game leads you pass through all difficulties !
Thai Boxing King
Line 40 slot is a theme of Thai Boxing King. If there appears 5 SCATTER, can get maximum 100 times Freespin ! Win the every game like Boxing King and win a bunch fortune.
Great Blue
5 rounds line 25 slot game. You can select 2 shells to get extra multiple and times of Freespin when enter FREE GAME. It is a classic Great Blue. RiCH88 is going to remind you how to make a lot of money !
Battle of Five Carp
Line 243 slot game is a Chinese style slot. There are 5 modes in Freegame which can be selected. When it appears WILD SYMBOL in the game, icon of carps will change the color and mode to what it should be and get the multiple bonus. It will appear red envelops randomly to increase extra bonus up to 50 multiple in Freespin.
Golden Dragon Ball
Golden Dragon Ball, Line 50 slot is a theme of XiangLong. Enter BONUS GAME, can select 3 Dragon Balls to draw. After drawing, Players will get bonus or get times of Freespin. If it appears 3 Dragon Ball again in Freespin, can get others 5 times freespin ! Wish you good luck and win the prize !
Vampire Hunter
Line 243 slot is Wolf VS Vampire. If players beat the hunter can get high multiple bonus during BONUS GAME. In addition, during the Freegame, if player defeats Wolf by flipping bushes, can get a lot of Freespin. Let Vampire and Wolf hate deeply each other to get high bonus !
War of the Egyptian Gods
Line 9 slot is a theme of Egyptian Mythology. Every round will have opportunity to appear Scarab wild symbol in FREE GAME. A fight between Egyptian and Gods are going to make you high bonus !
Wild Island
Wild Island is a 5 reels 25 lines' Slot Game. Groundhog will run randomly on reel area. If groundhogs cover all screen, means players have a lot of luck and the fortunes are coming!
Chinese Valentine's Day
Each BET will spin twice times! It doesn't have to connect lines to raffle as long as it appears jackpot combination! The Cowherd and Weaver Girl only can meet temporarily on Valentine's Day. Try to collect magpie WILD, let them meet at the center of magpie bridge and win the big prize!
Money Rolling
Money! Money! Money! The numbers what you've seen is winning points! In addition, more big prize reels are waiting for you!
Jump High
Jump High is continuation of Rave Jump's disco spirit. Let's jump high with line 243 vintage EDM slot! During FREE GAME, each round will cumulate multiplier, maximum times 150. Enjoy the Jump High!
Squid Game
Do you want to accept a invitation to join a bonus game? Squid Game is a line 234 slot game. There are 5 comfits that can be selected in FREE GAME. Corresponding 5 kinds of times and multiplier! During FREE GAME, when it appears comfit WILD, will become graphic which you have selected! It will randomly appear mysterious old man and your bonus will be doubled. Maximum x50! I dare you to accept invitation.
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